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Established in 1979.  Our technicians have speaker design experience starting in the mid 1960's as well as analyzing, diagnosing, and repairing hundreds of speakers anually from many manufacturers.  SerTech Labs leveraged all of that data and experience in designing the Stellar speaker line.  Years of in-depth R&D went into the first models and a few more years of improvements led to the latest generation.  All areas and aspects were considered including efficiency, cabinet design, sound field, frequency response, crossover combinations, and the best drivers.

We are best known in Northern California and have been highly rated and recommended by many high-end audio stores in the SF Bay Area including Century Stereo, Audible Arts, and The Analog Room.  You'll find top ratings by Yelp, Google, and Yahoo. 

Our customers who own these speakers and those that have auditioned them have given the Stellars rave reviews  (see their Testimonials).  For those that have never seen or heard the Stellars, some might be skeptical.  This is natural since any speaker cannot be judged without ever hearing them.  No one can tell what a speaker sounds like through the manufacturer's statements or how a stereo magazine rates a speaker system.  The final results will always be what you hear and perceive as good sound.

The speakers we design and build are setup in real rooms with real people evaluating them against other high-end speakers.  These side-by-side comparisons is where the Stellar XII consistently out-performs the competition while using only a minimal amount of amplifier power.  Come in for an audition and decide for yourself.