Customer Testimonials
For SerTech STELLAR speaker systems

Chuck Cannon
An audiophile and the foremost collector
of audio equipment in the bay area for over fifty years.

I have Acoustat speakers and drive them with two 570 watt Sony power amps. There is also an 18" subwoofer mounted in my ceiling. I had the opportunity to preview the Stellar speakers in my home for several days. I used a 30 watt Heathkit power amp to drive them. I was amazed that I heard more detail in the instruments and music than I ever heard in my speaker system. The bass response was so much better and seemed more connected to the music than my subwoofer. What's really nice about these speakers is that now I can get unbeatable sound quality from many of my high quality small power amplifiers and receivers that just won't power many of the high-end speakers made today.

Steve Jersa
Long-time audiophile

I happened upon SerTech Labs by chance, and what a stroke of luck it was!  While there I heard the most amazing speakers I'd ever encountered, the Stellar XII.  I enquired about them and discovered that the Stellar XII, and the slightly smaller but every bit amazing Stellar X, were custom-designed and built by SerTech.  I compared the Stellar speakers against my Boston speakers, in addition to a number of other speakers at SerTech, and there was simply no comparison.  The Stellar speakers sounded head and shoulders better than any other speaker.  Over the years I've owned, or my friends and family have owned, Klipsch, Boston, Infinity, Yamaha, JBL, Advent, KLH and other custom-built speakers and none come near the sound quality of the Stellar speakers.  So, I took the plunge and ordered a pair of Stellar X speakers with a custom Golden Oak finish.  I've teamed my Stellar X speakers with a Jolida 302B stereo tube amplifier (rated 50 WPC), a Rega Planer turntable powered by a Jolida JD9 tube phono preamp, a Jolida JD100A tube CD player and a Cambridge Audio 650T tuner.  It's a modest system that sounds like a high-end system because of the incredible sound of the Stellar X speakers.  Combined with the warm, rich and open sound produced by the vacuum-tube equipment, the Stellar X speakers make music of all types sound as crisp and clear as if you were sitting in the recording studio mixing the music to perfection.  There is no denying that the audio experts at SerTech have conceived, designed and built one of the most incredible sounding speakers available on the market today.  I would challenge anyone to do a side-by-side, A–B, comparison with their favorite speakers and the Stellar speakers.  Your speakers are the most critical part of your audio system.  When you're making the decision which speakers to purchase to go with your other high-end audio equipment don't part with your money until you've listened to the Stellar XII or Stellar X speakers. 

Bill Ulleseit
An audiophile for over 50 years

I have been listening and buying high end stereo since 1957. I only buy the best equipment. These Stellar speakers are the finest sounding speaker I've ever heard. They have put all my previous speaker systems to shame including the JBL Metregon, the Parogon, and my $7000 KEF 107/2. So I just had to buy a set. My wife says they are very beautiful and they sound terrific.

John N
A very pleased customer

I purchased the Stellar loudspeaker over a year ago. My name is John and I worked as a Mechanical Engineer in the Aerospace Industry. I recently wanted to put together a serious two channel system. I value detail and dynamics and lifelike 'you are there' sound. I don't have a dedicated room, so it would be nice if the loudspeakers took up a reasonable amount of space and looked good in our living room. I feel that I am quite particular about sound and wanted a high performing system. I have not been disappointed. As I upgraded cables and sources the Stellars are so transparent that you hear the improvements/differences as you make changes. The vocals and instruments have a focus and intensity that that is quite lifelike and present a real 'WOW' factor. They can be quite engaging at lower volume levels also and sound great without a subwoofer, which can incur a lot of additional expense and one or two more boxes to find a place for. To sum up: For me, it was a very nice compact, cost effective, no compromise, high fidelity sound solution. These speakers would also be great with home theater, allowing both theater sound and serious stereo listening in the same system. I am already using the Stellar Center Channel in the separate home theater system. It was a big improvement over the previous center. It is very "there" but also very natural and blends much better with my main speakers.

John's wife, Claudia

While I am not the audiophile that my husband is, I must agree that the speakers are definitely an improvement over the ones we had before. The sound is rich and full. Another strong point for the speakers is that they are beautiful and match our large hutch which stands between each speaker. After looking at the many other speakers my husband was considering, I am most relieved that he picked the Stellar, great sound and beautiful to-boot!

Eric Potts
Bought a set of Stellars

I own a set of Wilson Audio Watt Puppies. I heard the Stellars speakers at SerTech and immediately bought a set. I was mesmerized by its sound and stayed up many nights listening to them. The Watt Puppies could not compare to the sound of the Stellars so I eventually sold them.

Dave Kalien
Has listened to the finest and most expensive speakers around.
He has spent over $35,000 on his own system.

I've listened to the finest speakers made. One speaker was a plasma system that cost $65,000. Out of the top five speakers I've heard, these Stellars would be my first pick. They are the finest speaker I've ever heard.

Hal Rupert
Was a computer data center manager.
Has been an audiophile since before the sixties.

Using a VPI turntable, cleaner, and a Dynavector cartridge I made copies of my best vinyl records on CD and played them through the Stellar XII. The recordings through the speakers were clean and clear and had just an incredibly good bass response. This is the finest they have ever sounded. I've been to several high-end audio conventions including the CES shows and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. There I heard the best systems on the planet. In conclusion I must say that these Stellars XII are just as spectacular as any of the best I ever heard.

Gene Gzanka
Mathematics Instructor, expert speaker designer,
repairs all makes and model of speakers.
He has tested and evaluated hundreds of different types of speaker systems.

This is a wonderful speaker system. The sound so well orchestrated. The highs are clean and clear. The midrange blends in well. They have a nice presence connected to the bass. There is no fake boom bass that some speakers have even when they are mated with a subwoofer. You're asking yourself  "What kind of instrument has that kind of bass?"  The bass never interferes with the music like other speaker systems.

Bob Delescale
Was an audio engineer at K-101, KWST, and also worked as a DJ at KXDC, KSJS, KWST, KCSM and KNRY. He was able to operate and listen to many professional pieces of equipment and high quality speakers throughout his career

These are the finest sounding speakers I've ever heard. They're very smooth sounding and have an uncolored midrange. What beautiful stereo imaging and wide sound stage they have. The highs are airy. The bass is powerful. I never heard this kind of bass from any speaker system before. I'm discovering a bass quality from the music that I've never heard before. What a big sound they have and they are not fatiguing to your ears.

Denny Terry
Professional DJ at KSJS, KRVE, KWST, KNRY, and KLZE. He is visually impaired and has developed extremely acute hearing. Sound and music is his life. He has also operated and listened to many professional pieces of equipment and high quality speakers throughout his career.

These speakers have a very open and detailed mid and high end. Excellent subwoofer type bass that actually sounds connected to the music. I owned and listened to many different types of speaker systems and these are the best I've ever heard. I have listened to these speakers for many hours without any ear fatigue.

John & Maryann Herzos

I came by to listen to these speakers I've heard about. I could not believe what I've heard. The sound was so clear. No matter where I went in the room I could hear everything. I was so impressed by the sound that I called my wife over. She brought several of our favorite discs and was also very impressed with what she heard. "I've never music sound like that in my entire life." All I could say is WOW-WOW---WOW. So we ended up buying an oak set.

Dan Elliot

I just paid $5000 for what I thought was the best speaker for the money. They had been highly rated by the magazines and my expert friend. When I hooked them up they just plain didn't sound that good. So thinking I didn't have enough power I bought a more powerful Carver amp. Well I ended blowing out the woofers and tweeters. I went to SerTech and got to hear their speakers. They were the best I ever heard and immediately bought a pair.

Phil Catania
Is a retired mechanical designer, illustrator with a hi-tech Co.
in the bay area for 33 years and has been an audiophile for over 40 years.

I have owned and still own all brands of audio products – Altecs, Advents, EPIs, Infinitys, etc. They all have something that I like about them but not everything. SerTech Labs speaker has everything to offer, full sound quality in a beautiful package, something every wife would love. Every aspect of the design is addressed, quality cabinetry, components, and excellent craftsmanship. I'm picky, picky, but I can't find anything to complain about and that is very unusual for me. Now--- the sound is superb, very enjoyable, and relaxing to listen to, but you must be the judge. Give them an audition just to see for yourself and I'm sure you'll agree that they are beautiful to look at and, because of their very high efficiency; their unbeatable sound can be had without any kind of expense monster power amp.

Chris B

I own a pair of Genesis 500. They have two 500 watt power amps built inside and cost $12,000 a pair. I had a chance to borrow these speakers for several weeks while mine were being repaired. I must say these speakers sounded more open and had a wider sound then my Genesis. I plan to buy a set for my new house in Hawaii

Lori R

I have been to every audio shop in this area and I never heard a speaker system like this before. The sound they produce is so big and everything I played sounded so full, clean, and clear even at very low volumes.

Michael V

I have been to several high-end shops and listened to their best and most expensive speaker systems. I was looking for a speaker that would reproduce a piano properly. Not one of the speakers I heard sounded correct. I told them that and they said that all these speakers were well designed and engineered by experts. Later on I brought some equipment into SerTech and got to hear their hand made speaker system. "Now this is what a piano sounds like" I thought. I am going to get an in home demo and would seriously consider buying a set.

Greg A

I paid over $6,000 for a high-end Monitor Audio surround system. But for some unexplained reason it did not sound as good as I thought it should. I ended blowing out the front speakers. At SerTech I heard their speaker system and could not believe the sound quality. Those two speakers sounded better than my entire surround system.

Stellar X marks the spot!

I have been an audiophile for the last 20 years, but have always been "aware" of good sound reproduction a lot longer than that.

The praise for the Stellar X stems from comparing them to the many speaker systems I have personally owned and those I have auditioned. Some of those I have owned ranged from Sonus Faber Cremona, Celestion SL-700, Snell Type A-II, Thiels 2, JSE Infinite Slope 1, Klipsch Heresy, Klipsch La Scalla, Altec Valencias to name but a few.

Few I have heard (and owned) ever possess the combination of smoothness, efficiency and musicality of the Stellar X. From the crystal clear highs to the gut wrenching lower octaves, the transition from the various drivers are silky smooth. Vocals and midrange are organic and handled with aplomb. These speakers are articulate but can also boogie with the best when called for it providing countless hours of foot tapping and fatigue free listening.

You can hear the sales pitch or simply listen to the Stellar X to see why Norman (the owner) is so enthusiastic about them. Stellar loudspeakers are a sound investment.

Rob Salomon

I've used Mac equipment with the Bozak speakers and have also used ADS speakers. When I heard your Stellar X speakers, I gave up on the Bozaks. I compared the Stellar X against the Monitor Platinums and the ADS. In a word, the Stellars blew both of them away. The Stellars have made my McIntosh sound better than it ever has!

With a 225 amp, efficient speakers are important. The Stellars are dramatically more efficient than the Monitors or the ADS.

To my ear and to my wife's, the Stellars are very noticeably more pleasing and easy to listen to for long periods. My wife has never considered speakers as fine furniture so when she said the Stellars looked "nice", that was a strong endorsement.

The contractor who's doing some work on my house is a drummer and music lover. He walked into my office and said "my god, you have Stellar X speakers...aren't they incredible...I've had my eye on a set for a long time and eventually I'll get them. You won't find anything better for anywhere near the price unless it's the Stellar XII's." I agree.

Many Women's Point of View
It doesn't matter how much you like the speaker.
If the woman doesn't like it you can't buy it!

I'm a woman and I hate speakers. They're usually big square boxes or some other ugly shape that doesn't match any thing in my house. But my husband showed me set of Stellars. I love the beautiful cabinet design and the way it is finished. The cabinet is smooth with no sharp corners and is accented with a high gloss trim. Not only do these speakers look like a nice piece of furniture, they make my favorite music sound spectacular.

Group Demo and other Bay Area high-end Audio Shops

The Big Test
This was done to prove that the speaker is definitely the weakest part
of the entire audio system. We frequently do this kind of test.

To prove a point the Stellars were put to the ultimate test. $7,000 of Classe' preamp, power amp and equipment were mated with many of the best high-end speakers possible. This was to be an A/B test against the Stellars using only a small 15 watt stereo tube amplifier and zip cord for speaker cables. At the end of the test everyone there admitted that the expensive amplifiers and equipment used did not help make the high-end speakers sound better than the Stellar speaker system. The Stellars unanimously won every A/B listening test.

Analog Room, San Jose
Sells speakers that cost up to $40,000

These speakers are highly efficient and acoustically correct. We have no speaker systems here that can compete against this kind of design.

Audible Arts, San Jose
Sells speakers that cost over $45,000

This is the best horn speaker system I've ever heard. We have no speakers here that can compete against these. They are just a completely different type of animal.